Friday, February 3, 2012



This sweet adorable baby was born weighing in at 10 lbs. 6 oz. on February 17, 2010!
She has been with us for 2 years now and has brought us so much joy!
We love this little girl!

I love how she says Marissa's name. It's somewhere in the lines of Rissy but it sounds more like baby. But we all know what she's talking about!
This girl LOVES her big sister. She copies her every move! One special thing they do is hold hands in the car - all the time! My heart melts whenever I see that!
She also loves those big brothers of hers! And they love her too! They take such good care of her. Here we are after she opened her presents!
Her new stroller and Jake and Izzie from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". She was so excited!
Just the CUTEST face ever!
Some cute things Brielle says:

One day we were in the kitchen and all of the sudden Brielle goes "Oh BABBBYYY"

I was drying my hair in the bathroom one morning. Brielle comes in walks past me, pats my bum and says "Hi mom".

She loves to giggle when someone toots. Her new thing lately is that if she hears a toot, she smiles real big and says "You poop!"

The Disney Channel has her favorite show - Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She sings the theme song so DANG cute. "Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Meeeeeeee"! She keeps getting better and better at it. For awhile it was just "and MEeeeee."

She LOVES fruit snacks and orange juice!


Schauers Hours said...

Cute Brielle! Time flies, can't believe she is two and talking!

Schauers Hours said...

Time for a post stacy! :)

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